13 August 2015

Travel: Chiemsee

What a beautiful place!! I'm still smitten by the beauty of this lake and the tiny 
island we visited. I was alone with the kids for the weekend and I thought I should do 
something nice and special with my boys. The only thing that came to me was
"Water! We need to be IN the water to find some freshness and to handle the 

So we drove to lake Chiemsee (where we've only been once and then it rained and rained)
and I was surprised by its size. We spent nearly three hours at a beach, the kids
happy to be in the water the whole time and me, happy to be able to lie at the 
beach, watching my kids and do absolutely nothing.

But at some point it was getting too hot and so we took the ferry to one of the 
islands, had a stop there, another bathing session and after that, we all three
were tired and so we drove home. But I think we'll go back very soon, and 
this time we will take the hubs with us:o) 

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