07 August 2015

Outfit: Flowers & Stripes

The weather here in Bavaria is crazy right now!  We have temperatures up to 40 degrees
nearly every day since the beginning of July. What a wonderful summer!! 

There was one day where it was slightly colder and a heavy wind was nearly blowing us over 
the cornfields...So my striped shirt had a chance to crawl out of my wardrobe and be paired 
with another DIY-project: this flower skirt. Actually the plan was to sew some cushions 
out of this fabric but then I thought it's just too damn beautiful to be a cushion!

So now it became a nice skirt with really big pockets on the front, a detail which I 
especially like. The cut is from Burda 06/2015, 103B.
Also a perfect opportunity for my summer edition of Rebecca Minkoff's Mini Mac. I just love 
the combo of flowers and stripes:o)

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