22 Juli 2015

Summer Inspiration

Summer always makes me feel happy and lighthearted and somewhat giddy. 
I thought the perfect way to transport my feelings to you, my dear readers, 
is through some pictures I found over at pinterest. Though they are not mine, they
perfectly transport my feelings and happiness. 

We love to sit outside in the evenings on our terrace, drinking some freshly made 
icy cold lemonade, talking about our days and just enjoy the season. 
We still love to live here in Bavaria and haven't come to regret the decision to move 
away from Berlin where most of our friends and family live. 
The nature around here is just so beautiful and we both have the feeling 
that it is exactly what we need in this phase of our lives. 

And I already met some really nice people who I'd like to call friends because
they make me just as happy as my old friends in Berlin. You know who 
you are;o)

All pictures via pinterest

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