27 Juli 2015

Outfit: Flamingos & Chloé

What a wonderful day we had!! It was windy, sunny and cloudy and I felt like 
being in Denmark. We made a little hiking tour with some friends not far from our 
home and even though the kids were tired after a short while and my hubs had
to carry two little bikes, we loved it!! The wind was so wonderful (it's not that windy here 
in Bavaria, normally) and we still love to be so close to nature. 

After about an hour we came to an idyllic place where there was a nice café which 
had closed unfortunately. We were really lucky that we met the very nice owner
who gave us some coffee and apple juice so we could at least have some drinks. 
The kids soon found their way to a giant trampoline so that we could sit in 
peace and drink our coffee. 

This dress was perfect for the day. It is my new favorite dress since I really like 
pink flamingos and pompoms:o) I was so glad when I found this fabric on
www.modes4u.com. I have often found there really beautiful and special 
fabric (this is NOT a sponsored post, I only really like the shop). 
I'm in a great sewing period right now. I just finished a top today that I 
already wore for a walk with the boys and also have a flower skirt ready. 
So, you'll be seeing a couple of outfits with my new clothes. But this morning I 
decided to only finish another top and a scalloped skirt and then....
...time for my fall wardrobe to get a little makeover....
I already have a few great pieces in mind and cannot wait to sew them. 
But first there will be a dress for my sister-in-law's wedding which I'm
looking forward to so much:o)

To sum up my sewing plan for the next weeks:
- summer top
- scalloped skirt
- dress for a summer wedding
-...and then the fall wardrobe... 

Dress: made by me (Burda Style 7/15, 114A)
Sunglasses: Marc Jacobs
Shoes: Tory Burch

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