13 Juli 2015

Outfit: Kiss & Tell

I'm so in love with this sweater!!! I finally found the time to finish it and I have to say: 
Thank God, eventually something girly, pink and foolish in my closet again. Sometimes I 
need to wear girly stuff which you wouldn't link to a 31 year old woman 
who calls herself a mother;o) But it's so important to never let go of your inner
child, to stay true to yourself and BE you - even if that means wearing pink, 
girly sweaters...:o) My best friends only said: 'Oh, that's such a You-sweater'
which means 'I would never wear THAT one but on you, it looks great!';o)

So I thought I'd combine my Kate Spade Bow Bag with this one since bows are also 
a little girly. I am still so happy that I could get my hands on this bag at 
vestiarecollective.com since it's sold out a long time ago. I rather had the pink pastel 
one but you cannot have it all, right?

And I'm very sorry for the pictures, we just got a new lens and have to 
practice a bit before there will be acceptable ones.

I tried to find some nice sweaters with lip prints but I have to say: not one is as cute as
mine, haha;o)

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