31 Juli 2015

Interior: July Favorites

Today I'd like to show you some of my favorite items in our living room. Two days ago I 
suddenly thought, I have to change the whole room because we didn't use all the space 
as efficiently as we could have. When I want to change something I usually have to do
it on the spot and this time was no exception. I got to work immediately and am really
happy about how it turned out.

I also purchased a few items because I thought something new couldn't hurt;o)
My absolute favorite is the paper bin in the first picture. It looks stylish, is really big
and you get two for only 12€!! (I got everything via Westwing).
Second thing I bought is this beautiful geometric candleholder. I really love some
golden pieces and it fits perfectly onto our mantelpiece. 
Third item is the flamingo pic. You know from the dress I recently made that
I LOVE flamingos right now and I thought that picture is really beautifully drawn.

On the last picture you can see a little side table I did for my hubs last Christmas.
I made it from an old case of wine, put some wheels under it and randomly had 
the perfect scrapbooking paper for pasting it into the case. 
I also glued a clothespin to the inner side, so he always has a pen 
when he needs one. 

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