07 Juli 2015

I'm Sailing...

So this is where my heart lives: the Ocean aka the Baltic Sea...I could sell everything and just
live on a sailing boat....that's actually our plan when the kids are big and move out...
than you'll find us on the oceans of this beautiful world:o)

It's always the same: I'm entering the boat and everything, every little problem will leave me 
and stay on shore. To be on top of a mountain is similar to this feeling: leaving 
everything behind, just BE myself, enjoying the nature around me with the people
I love the most.

We were up in the North for my mother's 60th birthday and of course we took a few days off 
and made a small vacation at the sea. As you can see, our kids are just as happy as 
we are to be near such an amount of water:o)

And after sailing there is always coffee and strawberry tart or some biscuits:o) And some
rum, of course....

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