11 Juli 2015

Hiking In The Bavarian Alps

It's become quite a tradition in our family to get away on Saturday or Sunday and see what 
beautiful Southern Germany has to offer. By now, I can say, we are very impressed by the 
nature we've already seen. For me, coming from the Baltic Sea, the sea and the wind was 
always hard to top but I have to say the mountains are so impressive and beautiful that
I'm just as happy here as there. 

Two weeks ago we decided it was time for our first hiking tour. We put on our sneakers 
(ok, you guys, it was a first time!!! I actually wanted to go with ballerinas, but 
thank God my hubs convinced me to do no such thing!!!), packed some picnic, drinks and
went to a little village nearby. 
We just took the first way that crossed our path and that one was pretty steep. After reaching 
the top you can see on both my boy's faces that they were not as excited as we were.....to say 
the least (upsi....) but our little picnic soon got them back on track. 

We decided to go a little further but suddenly stood at a huge alpine pasture without any sign 
of an existing path. The alp looked so tempting with its high grass, such a beautiful landscape
that we went on and hoped for another path on the other side. 
My hubs went searching for a possible way with the help of google maps (thank God our 
phones had reception in the middle of nowhere!!) and came back saying: 'There is a path.
Or should I say: There was!' 

But we decided to move on nonetheless because we were too lazy to walk all the way 
back...so we ventured to go on into the jungle;o)
It really felt like walking in a jungle because the path could barely be seen (you can get an
impression on the 7th pic), was often broken off or crossed by a small stream. It was partly 
dangerous because we were very high and the chasm was veeeery close to us but it was such 
a special adventure that both we and the boys were actually enjoying it.

And the reward came as soon as we were at the bottom. A small river where we could 
bathe our tired feet and the boys could throw stones as long as they wanted to (I 
usually forbid throwing stones on a playground). 

 So this is an experience we will never forget and hopefully will have again any time 

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