09 Juli 2015

Birthday Dress

Birthday Dress

Kate Spade letter paper // Tory Burch Earrings // Kate Spade Bracelet // 
Tory Burch Sandals // Michael Kors Dress (unfortunately it's already 
sold out but here is a similar option) 

Summer is always a happy time, especially so because on July 12th it's my Birthday:o) 
Since I was a little kid I was always looking forward to this day and when I'm totally honest,
it still hasn't changed;o) I love waking up, feeling somewhat special, hugged by my loved ones 
and entering the living room where my hubs has set the table in such a sweet way that
I'm always hesitating to unpack everything because it looks so beautiful and he has put
so much effort in it. But of course, I don't leave anything packed;o)

Since I'm sewing a maxi dress for my Birthday's Garden Party I imagined how I would
combine it and I think some straw elements are perfect for a long fluttery dress as well as 
some golden details. Of course, my dress has a different fabric so I still don't know which 
of my sandals, hats or jewelry will make it to the short list...

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