31 Juli 2015

Interior: July Favorites

Today I'd like to show you some of my favorite items in our living room. Two days ago I 
suddenly thought, I have to change the whole room because we didn't use all the space 
as efficiently as we could have. When I want to change something I usually have to do
it on the spot and this time was no exception. I got to work immediately and am really
happy about how it turned out.
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29 Juli 2015

In Love With Pink Flamingos

Flamingo Love

1 // 2 // 3 // 4 // 5 // 6 // 7 // 8 // 9 // 10

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27 Juli 2015

Outfit: Flamingos & Chloé

What a wonderful day we had!! It was windy, sunny and cloudy and I felt like 
being in Denmark. We made a little hiking tour with some friends not far from our 
home and even though the kids were tired after a short while and my hubs had
to carry two little bikes, we loved it!! The wind was so wonderful (it's not that windy here 
in Bavaria, normally) and we still love to be so close to nature. 
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22 Juli 2015

Summer Inspiration

Summer always makes me feel happy and lighthearted and somewhat giddy. 
I thought the perfect way to transport my feelings to you, my dear readers, 
is through some pictures I found over at pinterest. Though they are not mine, they
perfectly transport my feelings and happiness. 
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13 Juli 2015

Outfit: Kiss & Tell

I'm so in love with this sweater!!! I finally found the time to finish it and I have to say: 
Thank God, eventually something girly, pink and foolish in my closet again. Sometimes I 
need to wear girly stuff which you wouldn't link to a 31 year old woman 
who calls herself a mother;o) But it's so important to never let go of your inner
child, to stay true to yourself and BE you - even if that means wearing pink, 
girly sweaters...:o) My best friends only said: 'Oh, that's such a You-sweater'
which means 'I would never wear THAT one but on you, it looks great!';o)
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11 Juli 2015

Hiking In The Bavarian Alps

It's become quite a tradition in our family to get away on Saturday or Sunday and see what 
beautiful Southern Germany has to offer. By now, I can say, we are very impressed by the 
nature we've already seen. For me, coming from the Baltic Sea, the sea and the wind was 
always hard to top but I have to say the mountains are so impressive and beautiful that
I'm just as happy here as there. 
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09 Juli 2015

Birthday Dress

Birthday Dress

Kate Spade letter paper // Tory Burch Earrings // Kate Spade Bracelet // 
Tory Burch Sandals // Michael Kors Dress (unfortunately it's already 
sold out but here is a similar option) 

Summer is always a happy time, especially so because on July 12th it's my Birthday:o) 
Since I was a little kid I was always looking forward to this day and when I'm totally honest,
it still hasn't changed;o) I love waking up, feeling somewhat special, hugged by my loved ones 
and entering the living room where my hubs has set the table in such a sweet way that
I'm always hesitating to unpack everything because it looks so beautiful and he has put
so much effort in it. But of course, I don't leave anything packed;o)

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07 Juli 2015

I'm Sailing...

So this is where my heart lives: the Ocean aka the Baltic Sea...I could sell everything and just
live on a sailing boat....that's actually our plan when the kids are big and move out...
than you'll find us on the oceans of this beautiful world:o)

It's always the same: I'm entering the boat and everything, every little problem will leave me 
and stay on shore. To be on top of a mountain is similar to this feeling: leaving 
everything behind, just BE myself, enjoying the nature around me with the people
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