15 Mai 2015

How To Style A Wrap Dress

Wrap Dresses

Look 1: Wrap Dress // Sunglasses // Watch // Earrings // Mascara // Straw Hat // Bag // Sandals

Look 2: Lipstick // Ring // Sunglasses // Sandals // Clutch // Wrap Dress // Necklace  

Since I'm nearly finished with my wrap dress I decided it was time to look at some 

possibilities of how to style such a piece. My sleeves will be up to the elbows 
so it can be worn both on hot and on cold days. 
The ones above are very versatile pieces,
so if you throw a cardigan over, you can also wear the kaki dress on colder days. I 
especially like the combo of kaki and pink pastel. This is more of a city look whereas the
other one is something I would wear at a beach day. At a beach
bright colors are a must to me, like this hot pink mixed with those turquoise accessories. 
And a straw clutch is the icing to the cake to such a happy outfit!

I think my dress will be more of a city dress since it's colors are pink pastel and

grey and it just looks more like it belongs to the city. But you'll see it soon:o)
I hope to finish it this weekend!

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