27 Mai 2015

Home Decor: Quick DIY Bedhead Makeover

I love this new bed (Brimnes from IKEA) we have because it has so much storage room underneath and 
even the bedhead has so much space to offer. We both put up all our favorite books 
there so there are literally books everywhere in our apartment. 

So if you scroll through pinterest and see all the amazing DIY-projects people seem
to do in 5 minutes, I thought that although I really like our apartment the way it is now, 
there are a few corners that I would like to change. Some projects will take more time 
(like the bathroom) but others are quickly done, so I started today with a very easy 

Although I love the bed, it is a bit too 'clean' and not very personal. The two small wooden 
squares you can see below belong actually to the mantlepiece we bought for our living 
room. There were two different options to screw on at the edge of the mantlepiece: these
round ones or some square ones for which we opted. So these round ones were lying 
there on some shelf totally useless until I thought today: why not just give our bed
a little more personality with those two squares?

I just added a power strip to the back, pressed it against the bed for a few seconds...
...and finished:o) I think it looks more interesting than before
but as you can see we don't even have some pillowcases. I still have to sew them but
that will be a different project:o)

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