31 Mai 2015

Home Decor: A Nice DIY Surprise For Your Love

I'm all about DIY projects around our home lately. It's so satisfying to achieve a little beauty 
within a very short amount of time. And if you can make your other half happy 
with those small projects...what's better than that?

Today I took out my laminator (which I purchased for a really cheap price at a local 
supermarket some years ago), some pretty papers and got to work. I only cut those little 
cards, laminated them and was done. You may ask for what purpose I need those 
cards and here it is:

I'm always on the lookout to get some romance squeezed in into our daily routine, since
the kids eat up nearly all of our time, I think it is important to show the hubs how much he 
means to me, how much I appreciate what he's doing for the family and how much I 
love him. So I thought a very easy way to show those feelings, 
is to place a different little card onto our mirror cabinet in the bathroom and 
change them on a daily basis. It's the first thing he'll see in the mornings (after
another night with too little sleep because the two rascals tend to wake up at 
5.30 am) and I love the thought that he smiles and can start the day in a happy
mood despite the lack of sleep. 

I hope I can inspire you with my DIY ideas:o) I'm so happy right now to be able
to do all that, to finally have some energy again. I started running a few weeks ago and 
I have to say, I think a good deal of my strength and good feelings come from that. 
Starting the day with some sports always got me and I'm so happy, I could get my ass
out of bed at that early time and do something for me, so that I have the strength to
be there for my family exactly the way they need it:o)

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