18 Mai 2015

Home Decor: In Love With My Garden

Oh how I love Spring and Summer!!! It's just so wonderful to see what little flower opens up
every day and how fast everything is growing. 
We arrived here in February so everything was grey and I didn't know which plants and 
flowers were already there in our garden. So now I discover new blossoms every day and am 
acting like a small child at a Christmas tree:o) 

I've also bought a lot of flowers, roses and little 
bushes because there were too many empty spots after my opinion. As we didn't have a car the 
first two months, I ordered online. Yeah, this is actually working and the plants were so carefully 
wrapped and transported that not a single one was broken when they arrived. 
Now one of the roses has opened up her first blossom (you can see it on the 
first picture) and it smells just as wonderful as it looks:o) 

Behind the rose you can 
catch a glimpse of our summerhouse. I painted it with a so called 'swedish red' like
all the gorgeous little 'sommarstugas' in Sweden. I studied Scandinavian culture and languages 
so I'm still very much in love with the idea of living in Sweden but as long as I have to
stay here, I at least have my small swedish garden shed:o) 
I'm also planning to renovate it from the inside so it will be a little extra house for our 

I never could have imagined how happy a garden would make me...I even enjoy 
mowing the lawn!!! Crazy me:o) 

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