06 Januar 2015

Outfit: Pink Plaid Coat & Hunter Boots

Yesterday has been such a wonderful day!! We've been outside for a walk with the kids 
the first time since the 5th of December!!!! Everyone was ill, sometimes both of the kids  
and on top of that me too. I felt like a prisoner in my own home at last. 
So we all enjoyed it to the fullest to be outside again:o) One of the kid's favorite place
is an old cemetery. Seems a bit odd but they love to play at the numerous water basins which 
are actually for the people who visit their gone beloved ones and want to water the plants
on the graves. So that's where they wanted to go and we could have spent much more
time there but it was so cold that we only stayed half an hour and rushed back into 
our cozy apartment, making ourselves some cups of hot chocolate to become warm
again. I love those days where your hands are so cold and only a hot drink can warm
them up again:o)

Since I really like to wear different coats during winter time and from time to time a little 
portion of color is needed against all the grey outside, I enjoy wearing this pink plaid coat
that matches perfectly with my magenta Hunter boots. Yeah...there was a time when I didn't like 
those boots at all but I got them on sale on theoutnet.com for only 45€. Who can say no to that??
And on top of that they are really cozy, I didn't have a single blister from them. I'm also thinking 
about getting a pair of red ones as well...

Coat: Warehouse
Hat: Börjesson (similar here)
Scarf: Paula Bianco
Bag: Mango (old but I also love this one 
from Rebecca Minkoff)
Leggings: H&M (similar one from Mango)
Boots: Hunter Boots

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