23 Januar 2015

Interior: New Home


Frame / Candle / Mug / Lamp / Coffeepot / Magazine Rack / Picture / Chair / Vase / Flower / Cushion

Since our moving date is not that far anymore I'm packing countless boxes every day and take out 
my computer in the evenings to look after furniture, pictures and other little stuff we need. Or
to be exact, we don't 'need' to buy so much furniture because we already did that the last time 
we moved but it is so much fun and I always find so many great things I definitely 'need';o) 

In the collection above you can see my absolute favorites right now, for example the Stelton
coffee pot. How beautiful is that rosé color? We always had Stelton's at my home so I thought
now that I have my own family I definitely need one too:o)

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