09 Januar 2015

7 Things To Do During Wintertime

1. Cinema

Get your girlfriends and go to a movie. Buy yourselves a glass of champagne and 
be glad to have such good friends around you. I'm sure gonna miss mine SO much 
when we are moving to Munich next month...

2. Books

The second suggestion I have for you is a very personal one and I think not everyone 
will feel comfortable doing that. Read to your boyfriend or girlfriend. When we hadn't had
kids we did that very often and I always thought of it as a great way of spending time 
together, dozing off while listening to the beloved voice...;o)
I could sit there for hours and imagine everything in my head which my love read 
to me. It's definitely on my New Year's resolution list:o)

3. Writing

Look at your address book and write down those people you regularly want to sent a letter to
this year. This can be your grandma who doesn't have internet and will be SO glad about
a handwritten letter from her grandchild:o)
I once did such a list a few years back and it was a lovely way to stay in touch. 
I’ll definitely be doing it this year since I realized while looking back at last year’s activities 
that I didn’t write a SINGLE letter!!

4. Nutrition

Always my No.1 New Year's resolution. Change something about my sweet consume, 
eat clean and healthy. I bought a book now I never thought would enter under my roof
but things and people change...
Since I tried nearly every possible diet to loose those baby pounds I still have, I'm now 
challenging myself to try the 30 day challenge that Attila Hildmann writes about. (But 
I'm only  going to start AFTER we moved!!)
For the start I don't want to change my way of eating totally to a vegan diet but I want
to try this challenge to loose some pounds. After having tried so much, I thought
it couldn't hurt to go and try out a new thing for once...so I'm curious!! Have you guys 
some experience with this way of diet?

5. Sport

Perfect time now for loosing those extra pounds you might have gotten over Christmas...
It's always hard for me to start again after a long pause...but after a work-out my whole body 
just feels so great, it's worth it:o) 
A few years back I had my neck dislocated and the doctor told me after fixing it: 'Young 
lady, your body is not supposed to be just a clothes hanger! You have to get some muscles!'
That was a turning point for me. I couldn't avoid going to a gym any longer, since
even the doctor told me to go;o)

6. Sort Out Your Wardrobe

Something I do on a regular basis but at the beginning of a new year, my motivation is
much bigger than usual. I like to look at my closet, see the order and be glad about all those
beautiful things. When it gets too messy and full of clothes it's always time for a little
make-over. So why not start now if you have already thought about it?
Turn on some music, try on everything and make three piles. One for keeping, one for 
giving to your girlfriends and one for the waste bin. Before we'll move I definitely have to do 
it again.  And...it's always a great excuse for buying new things, haha;o)

7. Flowers

Go and buy a whole lot of Tulips! I love Tulips and I think I have to start and pack away 
all the Christmas decoration and buy loads of fresh flowers. Even with the moving process 
always in my head right now I think it's the more important to make myself comfortable at 
home and the life between a massive amount of boxes far more tolerable;o)

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