23 Januar 2015

Interior: New Home


Frame / Candle / Mug / Lamp / Coffeepot / Magazine Rack / Picture / Chair / Vase / Flower / Cushion

Since our moving date is not that far anymore I'm packing countless boxes every day and take out 
my computer in the evenings to look after furniture, pictures and other little stuff we need. Or
to be exact, we don't 'need' to buy so much furniture because we already did that the last time 
we moved but it is so much fun and I always find so many great things I definitely 'need';o) 

In the collection above you can see my absolute favorites right now, for example the Stelton
coffee pot. How beautiful is that rosé color? We always had Stelton's at my home so I thought
now that I have my own family I definitely need one too:o)

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15 Januar 2015

Outfit: Houndstooth Coat

So there it is. Finally!! I'm talking about my coat. I started sewing it last autumn and there was 
always a lack of time but now it's finished and I'm SO happy about it:o) I know that 
I actually didn't need another coat but I think it's nice to be able to choose one after 
your outfit and mood.
So there will be more;o) But for now I will stop doing coats and just started with a skirt...

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09 Januar 2015

7 Things To Do During Wintertime

1. Cinema

Get your girlfriends and go to a movie. Buy yourselves a glass of champagne and 
be glad to have such good friends around you. I'm sure gonna miss mine SO much 
when we are moving to Munich next month...

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06 Januar 2015

Outfit: Pink Plaid Coat & Hunter Boots

Yesterday has been such a wonderful day!! We've been outside for a walk with the kids 
the first time since the 5th of December!!!! Everyone was ill, sometimes both of the kids  
and on top of that me too. I felt like a prisoner in my own home at last. 
So we all enjoyed it to the fullest to be outside again:o) One of the kid's favorite place
is an old cemetery. Seems a bit odd but they love to play at the numerous water basins which 
are actually for the people who visit their gone beloved ones and want to water the plants
on the graves. So that's where they wanted to go and we could have spent much more
time there but it was so cold that we only stayed half an hour and rushed back into 
our cozy apartment, making ourselves some cups of hot chocolate to become warm
again. I love those days where your hands are so cold and only a hot drink can warm
them up again:o)
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03 Januar 2015

Sale Favorites

 photo 6f3126fb-9aaf-4271-b301-8a844158b9dc_zps6c53660e.jpg

I'm always looking forward to my favorite 'season' of the year, the Sales! I like to look 
at numerous websites, write a lot of lists, skip them again and in the end, decide 
for some beautiful things I've been craving for a long time, getting them much cheaper 
now than before. I picked out my favorite things today and am still in the 
process of deciding what to buy...you can find the direct links under the 
collage below. A few other sales that can't be missed...

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