19 Oktober 2014

This Week's Favorites

Nina from Fashiioncarpet

Emily from Bows & Depos

Pernille from Look De Pernille

Lola from Lola Mansil

Julia from Gal Meets Glam

Vivienne from Feel Wunderbar

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific

Today I want to start by giving my compliments to all the lovely fashionbloggers outside there. Every time I'm writing this post I'm so excited to show you another few favorite looks from my fellow colleagues. Sometimes I'm so surprised about an outfit idea and so happy to be able to see so many beautiful paired clothes and combos...I really like it that everyone can bring in a personal note and that every woman is beautiful in her own way. For example Mary's combo. Green and pink is not a combination you get to see so often. I also did a post about a green/pink dress (click here) but people told me how unusual that combination was. That's what I like so much about this whole blog thing. You can be surprised and inspired every moment and that helps me create and find my own personal style. So, thank you for that:o)

But now let's get to the point:o) I'm starting with Nina who's blog has become a favorite. She always tries out new things and usually it looks great on her!! About this outfit I especially like the big scarf paired with those striped pants. (And her new Proenza Schouler bag which you can't see here in the pic;o)
Next one is Emily. Her style is pretty classical but always with a little twist. This time I like the color combo of this soft pink pastel mixed with dark burgundy and on top of that the leo heels! How great is that?

Pernille got me with that sweater. It's a print that's normally more seen on homeless people (at least here in Berlin) with their big bags filled with their treasures but I think it looks also great on somebody not just in their hands;o)
Lola's cape and hat mix is perfect for fall. I admire all those Burberry capes that go around right now but her's is also really beautiful. And to find a hat with the same color...looks far more fun this way!

As you may have noticed, Julia is one of my favorite bloggers. She has so many nice dresses and I just love dresses. Look at this one. Actually the pattern is a little like my grandma's curtain but the mix with those stripes in her waist, the boots and the bag...not so grandma anymore;o)
Vivienne has THE cape to have right now. And it is just beautiful, in this camel tone sold out but the black version is also really beautiful!! And I like her mix with the casual hat and the elegant booties. 

Mary has also become a favorite since she always manages to surprise me with her outfits. A total plaid look? With a pink blouse? Sounds strange but she makes it possible. Even a bow is included. 
Blair has also been here some times and I just have to say: I can't help myself. How can this look not be gorgeous? A total red outfit with a girly skirt but through the color still so sexy? Just great!!

Enjoy your Sunday, my lovely readers, I will have a fabulous day with my sweet sister who is in town for a visit. 

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