12 Oktober 2014

This Week's Favorites

Annie from Fashionhippieloves

Krystin from Suburban Faux-Pas

Nat from Trendy Taste

Rach from Pink Peonies

Gala from Amlul

This Week's Favorites are a lot of dresses and skirts again. They are just my favorite piece of clothing:o) 
Starting with Annie's look which I personally think is so gorgeous. Shorts with lace are a favorite but mixed with this burgundy and fall items like ankle boots and a hat...so great!!
Krystin's outfit is reminding me of the 50's and as you might know I love to dress up like in the 50's from time to time:o) And with that red coat the outfit is getting a modern touch. Oh and have you seen the cherry-print on the dress? So cute!!

Amanda's outfit is so wonderfully casual that I could wear it everyday. I love the mix of the army jacket with light accessories and a ripped denim. 
Nat's outfit surprised me with a culottes that has not the typical white, black or nude as a color but a plaid pattern. How great is that? And this special cut at the seam? Really great:o)

Rach's dress is just really beautiful (and I like Ted Baker's collections always a lot!!) as well as her bag. 
Gala got me with that skirt and the cute Rebecca Minkoff bag. Looks so cozy yet sophisticated. 
In Mary's outfit I really like the harmony of colors and the triangle on her sweater. It's such a cozy, elegant and beautiful look:o)

Have a nice Sunday everyone!! I will be lying on the couch the whole day since I got myself a really bad tonsillitis. Just glad that my hubs took the boys today for a day at their grandma's...so I can relax and enjoy some badly needed sleep!

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