30 Oktober 2014

October Review

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21 Oktober 2014

8 Ways To Enjoy Fall

1. Einen schönen Herbstspaziergang machen und dabei mit den Füßen 
im Laub rascheln - eine der einfachsten Sachen, sich ganz schnell 
wieder wie ein Kind zu fühlen:o)

Take a walk and rustle through the leaves with your feet - 
one of the few things which lets you immediately feel
like a little child again:o)

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15 Oktober 2014

14 Oktober 2014

Instagram Roundup

Happy Tuesday, everyone! Here's what happened in my life  lately
(or a tiny little fraction of what really happened;o)

I'm still in love with this Asos dress. It's so cozy for fall 
and I love the leopard print:o) 

I searched a bit and found a few similar ones (even on sale:o) since mine is sold out.

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