21 September 2014

This Week's Favorites

Alexandra from Lovely Pepa

Blair from Atlantic-Pacific

Ashlee from Ashlee Frazier

Cara from Cara Loren

Lisa from The L Fashion

Christina from Oh So Glam

Sabina from Jeans And Roses

I'm really happy to start This Week's Favorites with a beautiful homemade dress. I love love love the different layers on the dress and I love the fabric. It's real Chanel bouclé and a dream. This little sparkle on it is just beautiful and something special. Aaaaand it is self-made....hello??? How great is that???

My next favorite outfit is an all-over white look from Alexandra which is especially interesting because of the round glasses, the shoes and the shape of her trousers. 
Blair's outfit is fantastic. This mix between schoolgirl and sexy lady is just great. 

Ashlee's jumpsuit looks so easy and is made of such an elegant material. And I especially like the necklace tattoo. I think those tattoos have been on so many blogs now but I have to admit they are really beautiful. It is a nice gold tone and not a cheap one and it looks great on tanned skin. 
Cara's look is so 50's and I love that. This beautiful light skirt with all the tulle and those gorgeous heels mixed with those 50's shades...hello sexy mama;o)!!
Lisa is also again to be found under my favorites because I have seen no one so far who can style culottes as great as she does it. It looks so easy and casual and the shirt has such a special cut, mixed with those gorgeous heels....perfection!!!

Christina's H&M dress is one of my favorites at the moment. I like the colors for fall and the cut is easy and comfy. 
Sabina's outfit got my attention because I really like the contrast between those soft pastels of the skirt and the leather jacket and the 'hard' black of the shirt and the shoes. The jacket is a contrast in itself because of its character and its color. 

So many looks to love - I have to say this category on my blog has slowly become one of my favorites. I just love to 'collect' my favorite looks and 'have' them somewhere like in a photo album:o)

Have a nice Sunday everyone!!

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