27 April 2014

Instagram Snapshots



Wonderful working place:o)

Picnic with my boys...me running behind them with the pram, 
sitting down for a minute, getting up again...not very relaxing...;o)

New mirror for our hallway...love it!!


Time for some Scrapbooking...

A very beautiful skirt from My Style Hit:o)

Little rascal:o)

After work-out program:o)

Some cookies after a very exhausting day...

Time to read about the latest trends and some gossip:o)
New sunnies from Pucci:o)

Shortly before getting soaked through by a heavy rainstorm

Some new pink girly stuff:o) How cute are these fake macarons??:o)

I wish you all a very nice day!! If you want to know more about my Instagram, just follow me @thedressbakery:o)

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