08 März 2014

The Catch - What's There On My Phone?

Iphone Clothes

It has taken me quite some time to find 'the perfect' Iphone case for my phone. There was always something I didn't like about it. I finally found the perfect one at www.candycases.de. A german girl is creating those beautiful cases all by herself. The customer can decide for a main design but the arrangement of all the cute little things on it is a surprise. I totally fell in love with mine the moment I saw it. I'm still so happy when I look at it and have to touch it a lot because it feels so funny. Crazy me;o) 
For all those of you who are still on the hunt for a great case, I collected my favorites from the online shops. Hope you find what you're looking for:o)
Have a great weekend!! We'll be at the seaside with my parents. So looking forward to the fresh breeze and the beach!!

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