26 März 2014

Pink Spring

Sometimes you just need a coat to look well dressed. This is my favorite coat for feeling special on an ordinary day:o) The collar and the belt are so cute and I really like this grey color. Combined with my pink bag I think it's a great contrast. Though I'm actually a big Michael Kors fan, I'm not so satisfied with this bag. It's just a little bit too big. I never know how to carry it because for wearing it over my shoulder as on most of these pics the shoulder straps are a bit too short and for wearing it in my hand, the bag is a little too big...problems, problems....;o)
Last weekend I had it with me on a little trip to Sweden and that was the first time it was perfect because I could have a lot with me as handluggage in that bag:o)
Have a great wednesday everyone!!

Coat - H&M
Bag - Michael Kors
Shoes - Tamaris

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