30 März 2014

Instagram Snapshots


New 'house' of my Mac with my all-time favorite picture from Caseable:o)

Free afternoon with one of my BFF's in Gothenburg, Sweden

Happy relaxing before our Scrapbooking marathon (12 hours!!)

Some of the cards I made at the Scrapbooking event from www.kortmakaren.se

Red roses from my hubs always bring a smile to my face:o)

One of my favorite necklaces....
Zara is just so good with making necklaces you become totally addicted to;o)

Spring on the balcony, in our living room, in the garden...everywhere!!!

Even spring in my bag collection with my new Furla Candy Bag;o)

Chocolate all over at Fassbender & Rausch in Berlin

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and if you'd like to see more of my life, just follow me on Instagram @thedressbakery!!
Have a good start on Monday:o)

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