30 März 2014

Instagram Snapshots


New 'house' of my Mac with my all-time favorite picture from Caseable:o)

Free afternoon with one of my BFF's in Gothenburg, Sweden

Happy relaxing before our Scrapbooking marathon (12 hours!!)

Some of the cards I made at the Scrapbooking event from www.kortmakaren.se

Red roses from my hubs always bring a smile to my face:o)

One of my favorite necklaces....
Zara is just so good with making necklaces you become totally addicted to;o)

Spring on the balcony, in our living room, in the garden...everywhere!!!

Even spring in my bag collection with my new Furla Candy Bag;o)

Chocolate all over at Fassbender & Rausch in Berlin

I wish you all a wonderful Sunday and if you'd like to see more of my life, just follow me on Instagram @thedressbakery!!
Have a good start on Monday:o)

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28 März 2014

Raindrops Keep Falling On My Bag...

I'm still so much in love with this gorgeous bag!! I bought it right after Christmas and am still 
looking at it every day feeling happiness running through me:o) All you fashionistas out there know how one can feel about bags;o) A little obsessed maybe but so others have their expensive bicycles or whatever. For me the best thing are bags!

Jacket - Primark
Jumper - Zara
Necklace - Lookbookstore
Ring - Ottoman Hands
Skirt - Dorothy Perkins
Boots - Asos
Bag - Michael Kors 

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26 März 2014

Pink Spring

Sometimes you just need a coat to look well dressed. This is my favorite coat for feeling special on an ordinary day:o) The collar and the belt are so cute and I really like this grey color. Combined with my pink bag I think it's a great contrast. Though I'm actually a big Michael Kors fan, I'm not so satisfied with this bag. It's just a little bit too big. I never know how to carry it because for wearing it over my shoulder as on most of these pics the shoulder straps are a bit too short and for wearing it in my hand, the bag is a little too big...problems, problems....;o)
Last weekend I had it with me on a little trip to Sweden and that was the first time it was perfect because I could have a lot with me as handluggage in that bag:o)
Have a great wednesday everyone!!

Coat - H&M
Bag - Michael Kors
Shoes - Tamaris

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22 März 2014

The Catch - Spring Pastels

Spring Pastels

All those pastel colors this spring are exactly what I would like to wear all day long:o) I think the colors are so girly but at the same time so fresh. I always feel kind of cheerful just by looking at items with those colors. So I collected tons of gorgeous clothes and accessories to make you feel as spring-like as possible:o)
Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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20 März 2014

In Love With Stuart


Jumper - C&A
Skirt - Promod
Bag - Promod
Brooch - Vintage
Belt - Imperial
Shoes - Stuart Weitzman

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16 März 2014

Instagram Snapshots

New necklace from lookbookstore

Diner with friends at a Moroccan restaurant

'Cleaning' my body:o)

New dress

So tired but happy:o)

Yummy breakfast:o)

 Some pastel inspiration


My kids are crazy about their tiptoi pens

Cozy evening on our couch

First time lunch break on our balcony this year!!

Happy Sunday to all of you!!!

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14 März 2014

Take Care What You Wear

Since I'm sewing so much for myself I would call myself quite an expert if it comes to the quality of clothing. The one thing I didn't dare to sew as yet is a pair of jeans. There are so many great labels out there that I'm not sure I can keep up with their high standards. 
One label that has gotten my attention is Care Label, a young Italian brand whose name already reveals their company philosophy. Highest quality from selvages to buttons and also the careful consideration how to create a daily 'companion' for their buyers is what makes this company so congenial in my eyes. In terms of the new wave of sustainability which has now also reached the fashion industry this label is just on the right track with its philosophy to make a pair of jeans that is allowed to stay in one's closet longer than one season. 

What makes their jeans additionally special is that they have two cute little extras on their products which reflect the intention of Care Label to the point. 
First thing is a little flower on the big trouser button which only reveals itself after some time. The buttons and rivets are made of copper and due to a special printing technique the flower will be only visible after 'excessive' wearing. 
Second funny thing is a paper patch above the sign with the label on the back of the jeans. The paper will vanish after the item has been worn and washed a while. 

I don't know why but such details often make the difference to me. It shows that the designer cares about every single item and I can just speak for myself but I'm always attracted to clothes with a special little something. 

If you want to know more about Care Label, visit their blog http://www.carelabelblog.blogspot.de.

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