08 Februar 2014

Instagram Snapshots

Delicious fruit cake for our saturday coffee guest

Favorite dish at the moment: homemade chocolate cookies:o) 
They are just like me;o)


My very first macaron ever!! So yummy!! (My husband bought me a second 
one with salt-caramel flavor which was so disgusting that I was very 
glad I tried the other one first!!)

Hi there:o)

A walk in the park with my family and my best friend from Korea

Finally some time to sew again!!:o)

Ikea looks so much more beautiful with a little Tilda paper on:o)

Still one of my fav necklaces:o)

My Christmas present from my beloved...a 7-course-meal!! Delicioso;o)

Still in the making...I'm not ready for Sunday's birthday 
but there are just way too many pics!!! Over 1000!!!

Some colors for this grey weather outside!!


With RM on the playground:o)

Making fun with Emil 1:o) He loves to see himself on my phone screen:o)

Enjoy your weekend everyone!!!

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