14 Februar 2014

Happy Valentine's Day!

Before I met my husband I haven't been a big fan of Valentine's Day. I thought it was absolutely overrated and just another opportunity for the industry to sell their stuff. But he gave me two reasons to give in, embrace the day and be happy. 
First of all, he proposed on that day. 5 years back, I found a little bottle post in my champagne glass with a small paper inside where he had drawn two rings and a qustionmark. Who could possibly say no to that?;o)

Secondly, he said to me, of course you can see that day as a possibility to spend money or feel 'forced' to give your loved ones a card or flowers. But you can also just think of it as another lovely opportunity to think of another, say Thank you and be happy together. I have to say, he had a point because if you skip all these hearts you can buy everywhere, take your own hands and MAKE something for your loved ones, than this day is actually quite nice. I love to do handicrafts anyway so it's just another opportunity for me to do something for those I love. 
I wish you all a Happy Valentine's Day:o)

Coat/scarf - H&M
Dress - homemade (Burda Style 4/13, 109B)
Bag - Aigner
Shoes - Primark
Ring/earrings - Michael Kors

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