10 Februar 2014

Froilein Lo Pa

Today there is something different than an outfit to be seen here. When I went to the new Café 'Froilein Lo Pa' right around the corner I fell immediately in love with everything and had to take pictures on the spot. It's so cozy there and it felt a little bit like my own living room:o)
We ordered coffee and homemade apple- and carrot cake and it was absolutely delicious. Everything is freshly made and you can also buy homemade Pesto or special kind of salts. What I liked most was that there were fresh flowers on every table, the menus were covered each with a different paper, there were different tables and chairs everywhere and a beautiful wallpaper. It looked like there were hanging different plates on the wall but actually it was only the wallpaper. 
So if you live in Berlin or are here for a visit, take the S-train to Zehlendorf and head over to Scharfestr. 9, 14169 Zehlendorf. They even have a Saturday breakfast brunch. 
Opening times are: Wednesday - Saturday, 9.30 - 18.00,
phone: 030/70129394.

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