19 Januar 2014

Instagram Snapshots

Heaven: ice-cream and some reading…ALONE!!!!:o)

Thank you cards for Christmas

Sat beside this beautiful Hermès bag…:o)


Outfit preparations 

Sunday morning breakfast: homemade scones, raspberry jam and coffee:o)

Armparty (asos/H&M/asos)

Healthy fast-food: Sushi-day

Still reading this book…maybe one day I can start a new one;o)

Sunset on the playground

My poor husband was so tired that he put the new coffee powder 
into the coffeepot instead of the can…:o)

Cozy kitchen

Ootd (sweater - New Yorker // skirt - asos // boots - H&M // bag - Aigner 
// watch - MichaelKors)

Some home decoration

Have a wonderful day everyone!! 

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