Instagram Snapshots V.

Enjoying coffee after my shopping trip to Primark

Going out with my boys

Lunchbreak with pizza toast and the new burda style issue:o)

A few pieces of my Primark shopping haul:o)

Looking a little scared before my knee operation

Looking very tired after the operation...

Being sick means eating as much icecream as I want:o)

My beautiful H&M bracelet

My little family

I wish you all a very happy weekend!!!


  1. Hope you're doing better after the operation -- you definitely deserve all the ice cream you want!
    xx lexi @ glitter, inc.

    1. Hi Lexi,
      thank you so much for all your wishes:o) I'm still not aloud to walk for two more weeks but who has outfit pics with crutches;o)? Would be something new:o) And I'll definitely enjoy more of this delicious ice-cream:o)
      xoxo Kirsten

  2. Lovely pictures! You have a beautiful family and I love all of the jewelry.


  3. yum! i love half baked :)

    xx, christie


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