31 Juli 2019

New Beginning

I have started a new blog and you can now find me under www.thedressbakery.com. I hope to see you there:o) Thank you for reading this blog for so long!! xx, Kirsten
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19 März 2019

Monthly Sewing Challenge: Workout Clothes in February

(Ad, unpaid) February's theme was workout clothes and I'm still not finished with my yoga pants. I had to smock a part and that was something I really disliked....soooo....but I finished the smocking finally yesterday evening, so I'm positive that the yoga pants is going to be finished in a few days. I will just insert the pics at the end of this post when I'm done.

So, first thing I sewed is this crazy looking hooded sweatshirt cardigan which I loooove!!!

The fabric has two beautiful sites and I tried to highlight them a little so you can see a small part on my shoulder and on the pockets. I decided to go with a neon pink zipper and found this ribbon in my drawer as well as the pink facing. The satin ribbon is only fake, you can not pull it out, it's sewn onto the fabric.

I really like the oversized cut because after sports I'm sweaty so I'm not drawn to a tight jumper 😉
The pattern is from Burda 1/2018, 119 and the fabric is from Stoff & Co. in Munich. 

source: Burda

Next pieces are a leggings and this shirt I made to go with it. Next time I would make the leggings a bit tighter at the legs because it slips a little after wearing a while but otherwise I LOVE it!!! Especially the little foot things are great and cozy at 5 am in the morning 😉 

source: Burda

The cut of the shirt is special, I'm showing you the drawing. There are no real sleeves, they are at the front piece. 
It is really oversized and I would say it's more practical for yoga. It's not that practical when you do BBG for example. 

source: Burda

The patterns are Burda 1/2018, 107 (leggings) and 105 (shirt)

Next comes my yoga shirt with long sleeves. Since I am not sweating that much during yoga I needed something where my arms were covered and I really liked the cut of this shirt. 

And a bonus is that it's easy to sew. The draping part is not difficult at all. But I have to say next time I'll have to lengthen the sleeves a bit and shorten the front upper bodice. But apart from that I really like the shirt.

The pattern is from Burda 1/2018, 102 and the fabric from Spoonflower. I love that you can buy so many designs on any fabric you'd like. And this is not paid, I'm just so in love with the concept 😁 But the fabric I chose is a bit too thick. It's jersey but the fit would be more perfect if the jersey would be really thin. 

source: Burda

As soon as I have finished the pants, I'll add a pic here. Since then I'll give you the drawing. It's Burda 1/2018, 104 with the same fabric as the shirt above.

source: Burda

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18 Februar 2019

Spring/Summer Collection Stoff & Stil

(Unpaid advertisement) Like all of you fellow sewing nerds out there I loooooove fabric. I could spend days and days and days in fabric stores just touching it 😂 You know what I mean!

Naturally, I was SO glad to be invited to a little Blogger event at Stoff& Stil in Munich to take a look at the new collection, eat snacks and drink coke, haha 😉

I made tons of pictures so you can look for yourself if you haven't been to a store lately...

Annette, the lovely boss lady of the Munich store

I was very tempted to make this little icebear rag for my baby

One of my favorites in the whole store 😍😍😍

I have to try that!!! 

Such a nice pattern!!

Melanie and Julia, both wearing the same pattern and even the same fabric!!

So in love with this bag and fabric!!!

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04 Februar 2019

Monthly Sewing Challenge: January is for Pajamas

When you scroll down my Sewing Gallery you will notice the tons of clothing I sewed for myself the last years. This year I thought I will try something different. I'm doing a monthly challenge where I just sew items that will fit into my chosen monthly theme. This way I get stuff done in a bigger quantity but don't miss out on the quality. Pajamas for example are something I always knew I needed but thought boring to sew when there were so many cute dress patterns out there, haha 😜 (In case you are wondering why I'm writing in english, I have decided to write in english in the future because I figure everyone can speak english and I just don't have so much time for blogging and this way even my international readers can read about the patterns without having to go through the horrible translations of google translator 😂)

Back to pajamas. I mastered the challenge and got 3 pieces done, yessss!!!! Actually I wanted to sew one pajama in one fabric that was original Burda fabric but of course I had not enough fabric...In the end, it turned out that that is the pajama I like the least, haha 😂 So thank God I didn't have all the fabric I needed. So the first one I made is the trousers of the pattern I planned to use with a different fabric and a bought long sleeve I had for years and pimped it up with a cute lion batch that I had actually bought for baby boy 😁 So here you can see some pictures of the first one:

I used a plus size pattern because I thought I could make it a size smaller but the trousers are still very wide so I wouldn't recommend using that pattern if you didn't need it. It's Burda 124, issue 1/2017
What I really like about this pattern is the blue facing at the seams and the satin band at the waist. 

I also used some bias binding on the inside because I wanted to have it with all the fancy details and I wanted it to feel special every time I'm wearing it. 

As you can see there is also a rubber band inside the waistband to get a better fit. 

I'm normally only using my overlock to trim the seam allowances but this time I wanted to do it more thoroughly and did it with the overlock stitch of my normal machine. 

All in all I have to say that I'm pretty satisfied with how it turned out even if it's a little too big. But I'm soooooo in love with the fabric 😍 Get's you instantly into summer and vacation mood 😁


So the second pajama I made is the top which belongs to the trousers pattern from above. It's Burda 124, issue 1/2017. And here I have to say, I loved all the details of the pattern and the feel of the fabric BUT I wouldn't sew it again because it's also a little big. And more importantly: I think the fabric isn't made for me. You know what I mean? It doesn't look like me and I'm always feeling a bit nurse-like when wearing it 😬 See for yourself:

My friend Patricia had such a cute pajama on our sewing retreat last year and I also wanted one with many details. So it's got pockets I don't really need 😂, a lapel collar and also blue facing. 
As trousers I used one that I had sewn like forever ago and just altered it a bit. But now I'm so glad that I hadn't had enough fabric to also make trousers from this fabric. It just isn't my thing. What do you think? 

But this color....nononono.....what is this color? Apricot? 🙈 Or is it the pattern?


So, now to the last one (and I only started in the middle of January so I think 3 items are not bad). A summer pajama. I am not the kind of girl who can sleep naked (hello, three kiddos 😂) or only with a tee. My arms always used to get cold even in the hottest summer and I don't like that feeling sooooo....I decided to sew something shorter but not too short. Here it is:

I had this fabric like forever and always thought it was too much color for a dress. But for a pajama, perfect! It can get you into a happy mood instantly 😁

For this one I also wanted many cute details so I used facing, white this time. 

On the back is a big pleat I really like. Brings some 50's vibes 😉 If you would see it, haha 😂 The fabric is really eating it all 😂

This pattern also has small pockets you don't need but want because it looks and feels more professional with them. 

You can almost don't see the buttons, only when looking really close. To make it a bit more fun I used four different colors, yellow, pink, blue and dark red. 

I'm totally in love with the blue facing at the seams and the vent at the sides. So special!! 

The only thing that didn't work out as planned was something with the collar. Maybe you can see it on the picture below but somehow there is a pleat where there shouldn't be one. I hadn't seen it while sewing so when the complete collar was on I didn't want to open all seams again and so now this almost perfect piece is not perfect. Ggggrrrrr, that makes me a bit angry because everything other went so well but would you open the seams again? Maybe I shouldn't be so lazy....otherwise I'm thinking, hey, it's just a pajama.....but I will see it every time I'm wearing it....so maybe I'll do it again, I have to figure that out...

All in all I have to say that this is a pattern i would sew again. It's a pattern with details and perfect for summer, so I'm really looking forward to wearing it. 

Ah, I almost forgot: I lengthened the sleeves a bit but otherwise I didn't have to change a thing. 
The pattern is Burda 133 and 135, issue 12/2014.


Where did I buy the fabric?

1. pajama: Stoff & Co. Munich
2. pajama: Burda fabric, gift
3. pajama: Sale at Karstadt

What patterns did I use?

1. pajama: Burda 124, issue 1/2017
2. pajama: Burda 124, issue 1/2017
3. pajama: Burda 133 and 135, issue 12/2014

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