04 Mai 2021

Blouson - Burda Easy HW 2015, 4b


My latest make is this beautiful light blouson made with a cotton canvas from Minerva. The fabric was kindly gifted to me, so thanks a lot for that!
Since the fabric is quiet thick, a blouson came almost immediately to my mind. I still had a 60cm zipper in a dark grey and also fabric for the cuffs that fitted perfectly colorwise.
19 April 2021

Blouse #fibremoodpaulette - Fibre Mood 13

This blouse was the model on the title of the latest issue of Fibre Mood, the #paulette. I was instantly hooked and decided I needed one 😊
I went with a fabric from my stash, a cute striped one with little pink, blue and yellow neon bows on it. 
29 März 2021

Hoodie Mix & Match - Kibadoo

This is one of my most sewn patterns. I made four or five sweaters with or without a hood but this one is my top favorite. I just love the fabric. It is a soft jacquard jersey, it feels so soft and wonderful! 
22 März 2021

Sweater #fibremoodmabel - Fibre Mood 13

Another #fibremoodmabel today 😍 It is very seldom that I want to sew a pattern more than once because I always like to try new things:o) But today I have the same pattern as a few weeks ago with one small exception: the ruffles on the front part. I love this detail so much!! It is something that fits more to a one-colored fabric but then it is perfect. I could sew Mabel's forever 😂 But I will try a blouse from the latest Fibre Mood, I am so much looking forward to this because there are also ruffles involved...
15 März 2021

Sweater - Burda Style 09/2017, 109

When my kids were smaller I wore dresses all the time but since Corona....I tend to wear a lot more jeans and sweaters. And since I love trying out new patterns, I tried one I wanted to sew since I first saw it in the magazine four years ago. 
08 März 2021

Sweater #Fibremoodmabel - Fibre Mood #13

I think this pattern is one of the most posted ones on Instagram right now. Every day I saw new versions and my fingers started itching....I wanted one too!!
So I went through my stash and found this beautiful #safarixxl fabric from #hamburgerliebe which I bought last summer. It was the last bit of the fabric I could snatch so I only had 0,8m...
01 März 2021

T-Shirt - Bernina Inspiration 2/2020, 220-18

Hello my friends,

as times are crazy and I have so little time on my hands for myself, I have to settle on a few quick sewing projects for myself. I did sew the blouse last week but oh what a stress it was!! So I decided to further lower the number of my fabrics and made a simple Tee out of this beautiful French Terry feather fabric that was gifted to me a few years ago.
22 Februar 2021

Blouse - Burda Style 02/2020, 111

So last week was a real challenge!! I thought I had a quick sew with this one...haha!! 
Absolutely nothing about this pattern is quick 😂

It has a lot of pieces, a lot of buttons and a concealed placket...
15 Februar 2021

Schwalbenkids - proudly presenting my own shop!

Today I won't show you what I normally show - something for me. I show you what I worked on the last couple of months. I opened a cute little online shop for individual kid's clothing. I am SO happy I have done it at last. As I am a one-woman show I can not offer different sizes of every piece but I am happy anyways. 
08 Februar 2021

Tunic - Burda Style 2/2018, Modell 109

I made this tunic a few years ago but since it is a pattern with a lot of details I thought I'd share it here so maybe some of you feel inspired to give it a try 😀
First thing I have to say: please do yourself a favor and take a fabric that is soft and falls lightly!! I did not do that and took a fabric that really stands and is very thick. Not that perfect for that pattern! I think actually the fabric was for furniture 😂 But sometimes I am crazy and take such fabrics which are really unpractical! But I still like the tunic a lot!!
01 Februar 2021

Dress - Burda Style 09/2020, Modell 102


Happy Monday, dear readers 😀

I am starting this week with a green dress I made for my Christmas Collection. I saw the dress for the first time in the Burda Style September issue but what really caught me, was Hopes version of it! It looked so stylish on her and I liked all the small details so much that I decided to give it a try.