Instagram Snapshots

What a happy day!!!

When the sun doesn't come out in wintertime, I always take these...

I'm always intrigued how much you can see 
through clean windows;o)

First christmas decoration


Playing games with the hubs:o)

Catching up

Details of the day

Sunset view from our bedroom (that we got married in 
this church makes it even more beautiful:o)

I'm so glad Advent and the whole Christmas time is coming!!

Have a wonderful start into the new week!!!


  1. lovely pics :)

  2. achja...die H&M Trend Stiefel habe ich online gekauft, die füllen den Onlineshop eh früh morgens oder so gegen 16:00 Uhr immer wieder auf!

    Liebe Grüße,
    Verena von

  3. Beautiful pictures! :)


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